We design and produce products and processes with attention to every detail.
Each product that leaves our factory is the result of a clever mix of research and development, cutting-edge technology, and skilled hands.

Always one step ahead. Thanks to decades of collaboration with leading suppliers of household appliance components, our cooking and suction systems integrate the best cutting-edge, 100% European, innovative and reliable technology.



A new function to make cooking easier, an easier way to install a hood, a new texture for glass-ceramic surfaces. Our mission is to develop products that simplify people's lives and make the kitchen a refined environment where it is nice to spend time. We do this thanks to a team where many different skills come together: mechanical and electronic engineers, product designers, and enthusiasts of beautiful and aesthetic products.


In the research and design of our products, partners also play a crucial role: we collaborate with external resources to develop new technologies, while the development of our products depends on the feedback from distributors, chefs and service centers.


In our factory, we dedicate extreme care to every manufacturing stage: nothing is left to chance, and every detail is made according to a standard of excellence.
  • Steel processing
  • Welding
  • Finishing and satin finishing
  • Assembly
  • Testing and checking
  • Packing and shipping

Phase 1
Steel processing

Phase 2

Phase 3
Finishing and satin finishing

Phase 4

Phase 5
Testing and checking

Phase 6
Packing and shipping


Stainless steel

Our hoods are in stainless steel: processed by skilled hands, with the utmost precision and aesthetic care.

Glass ceramic

Clear LEDs and user-friendly controls: for the hobs, we use the best European-made glass-ceramic, polished, or Brushed effect.


We refine the details with a wide range of coatings, unique in color and finish, glossy or matte.