Built-in hoods


Llano built-in hood can be perfectly integrated into most kitchen design configurations, guaranteeing exceptional levels of efficiency and high air purification performance.

Product Range
Product Range

Elegant and compact

Llano, is equipped with an innovative perimetric aspiration system: the fumes are conveyed through filters that retain grease and through carbon filters in the recirculation version.

LED lighting, thanks to its adjustable temperature options and dimmable intensity, perfectly lights up the hob and fits into any environment, creating a pleasant and functional kitchen atmosphere.

The hood can be installed without noticeable visual interruptions, fully in style with the kitchen design. Llano is available in three different sizes, starting from just a height of 300 mm and a depth of 280 mm, and it is arranged for quick and practical installation in the majority of kitchen wall units.


Extremely compact: box starting from a height of 300 mm and a depth of 280 mm
Perimetric aspiration system
Dimmable LED lighting and adjustable color temperature (2700K - 6500K)
Removable and washable grease filter with magnetic strips
White tempered glass and satin-finish stainless steel frame
Electronic push-button panel and remote control


Product Range

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