Fusion 880

Fusion 880

The Fusion induction hob is available in the 880×520 mm version, with 5 cooking zones and connectivity system.

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Induction system

The Fusion induction system is technologically advanced – 3.0 kW cooking zones with bridge function (at 3.7 kW) and slider control – allowing immediate and intuitive control of cooking. This practical system features the Booster, Timer, Pause & Recall functions and automatic pot detection. The controls integrate the cooking functions with the aspiration ones allowing the user to select the automatic or manual mode for motor management. It is also extremely safe thanks to the automatic safety shutdown, the Child safety lock and the residual heat indicator.

Technical data

General data
Dimensions (width x depth x height) 880 x 510 x 53 mm
Cooking technology Induction
Number of cooking zones 5
Cooking surface material KeraSpectrum glass-ceramic
Induction cooking data
Multiphase supply voltage 380 - 415 V 2N
Single-phase supply voltage 220 – 240 V 1N
Frequency 50/60 Hz
Three phase power supply/fuse protection 3 x 16 A
Single phase power supply/fuse protection 1 x 48 A
Maximum power consumption 11,0 kW
Cooktop power levels 1 – 9, P – slider control
Cooking zones size 4x 210 x 191 mm; 1 x 280 mm (dubble circuit)
Cooking zone power output 4x 2,1 kW (3,0 kW- Booster); 1x 2,1/2,8 (2,5/3,6 kW - Booster)
Bridge side zone power output 3,7 kW

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