Welcome to Pforzheim


Opera opens its door to the Lord Mayor of Pforzheim

Opera is proud to have hosted on 1st June 2022 the Lord Mayor Mr. Peter Boch along with the commercial development managers Mr. Markus E. and Miss. Melanie S. in its production site in Pforzheim.

Last year, in just 3 months, the agency for the economic development (WSP) managed to allow Opera and its staff to start working in Pforzheim. The plant was immediately ready for operation and production of high quality vented hobs and  hoods entirely made inside the production site.

This was made possible thanks to the close collaboration of all the specilized offices who since the beginning, believed in Opera and its project, working alongside them in a spirit of trust and focus on the future.

The whole Opera team would like to thank the city of Pforzheim for their warm welcome.

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