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Capa is a ceiling-mounted aspiration system with an integrated air recirculation function. It sucks the cooking fumes and cleans the air, removing all odors from the kitchen.

Product Range
Product Range

Imposing and exclusive

Capa is an elegant ceiling hood model equipped with recirculation technique: it prevents smells from escaping from the side and ensures a pleasant sense of comfort and freshness all over the environment.

LED lighting, thanks to the adjustable temperature options and dimmable intensity, fits perfectly in any environment, lighting the cooking zone of the kitchen and creating a pleasant and elegant environment.

Capa has an original and eye-catching design, the combination of stainless steel and tempered glass elements: it is the perfect combination of design, high performance, and technology. Through remote control, every function can be easily managed remotely.


Recirculating air central aspiration system
Dimmable LED lighting and adjustable color temperature (2700K - 6500K)
Automatic reset of fast fan operation, automatic switch-off timer, and grease filter saturation indicator
Removable and washable triangular grease filter with magnetic strips
Satin-finish stainless steel and black tempered glass also available in white


Product Range

Capa 1000

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Capa 1200

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