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The Claro ceiling hood, totally recessed, is an extraordinary suction system that guarantees maximum efficiency and high performance.

Product Range
Product Range

Simple and linear

Claro is a hood made entirely in hand-brushed stainless steel.   It is equipped with an innovative perimetric suction technique: fumes are conveyed through filters that retain grease and through carbon filters in the filtering system when present. 

LED lighting, thanks to the adjustable temperature and dimmable intensity options, simply embellishes the clear and linear design of the hood, ensuring extensive lighting of the entire cooking zone.

Claro minimalist design, combined with its high performance and maximum efficiency, makes this hood perfect for those who like to experience the kitchen in a simple and clutter-free way. 


Perimetric suction
Satin-finish stainless steel
Dimmable LED lighting and adjustable color temperature (2700K - 6500K)
Automatic reset of fast fan operation, automatic switch-off timer, and grease filter saturation indicator
Grease filter with a removable and washable magnetic strip
Also available in white painted version


Product Range

Claro 860

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Claro 960

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Claro 1160

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