Claro 860

Claro 860

The Claro hood, both in the suction and filtering versions, is available with a size of 860×550 mm. It combines a straightforward and slender design with an efficient and high-performance suction system.

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Aspiration system

The fan has high performance in terms of air flow and noise, with low power consumption thanks to brushless technology.

The hood includes grease filters in the aspiration version (A – B) and also carbon-ceramic filters in the recirculation version (C).

Technical data

General data
Dimensions (width x depth) 860 x 550 mm
Height 170 mm (A - B version) / 200 mm (C version)
Finishing Satin-finish stainless steel
Led lighting 4x3 W - dimmable - 2.700-6.500 K
Filters 1
Aspiration data
Voltage 220-240 V
Frequency 50/60 Hz
Maximum consumption 150 W
Motor airflow 800 m³/h
Power levels 1 – 3, P
Aspiration mode External (A) – Internal (B) – Recirculation (C)

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