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Nivel vented hob is an innovative integrated aspiration system equipped with five cooking zones, four lateral ones and a central one, and two parallel slots that allow the aspiration of cooking vapors and fumes.

Product Range
Product Range

Exclusive and stunning

The fifth cooking zone is made possible by an elegant technical drawer in brushed stainless steel under the top. Elegantly illuminated by LEDs, it contains filters that absorb grease and odors, and a condensation collection tray for extra-easy cleaning. 

This extraordinary aspiration system in AISI 304 steel is skillfully folded, welded and satin-finished by hand and makes Nivel a readl design piece. It is an elegant solution whether installed flush with the top or with a stainless-steel frame. 

The four lateral cooking zones can also be used in bridge mode, allowing maximum use of the hob surface without compromising aspiration quality and efficiency. In addition, there is a grill function for the perfect grilling. 


5 cooking zones, 4 lateral ones and a big central one
Removable technical drawer in AISI 304 for filter cleaning
Bridge, grill and slider control function
Brushless fan with Made in Germany technology
KeraSpectrum glassceramic with white led interface also available in Brushed-Effect in the Professional version


Product Range

Nivel 930

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Nivel PRO

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