Nivel 930

Nivel 930

The Nivel vented hob is available in the 930×520 mm version, with 5 cooking zones and a pull-out technical drawer.

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Induction technology

Nivel induction system is technologically advanced. The lateral cooking zones with a 3.7 kW bridge function are completed by a 3.0 kW large round central zone. The slider control with white LEDs allows for an immediate and user-friendly cooking control. This practical system has Booster, Timer, Pause & Recall, and automatic pot recognition functions. The Grill function is available for perfect grilling. It is also extremely safe thanks to the automatic safety shut-off, Child safety lock, and residual heat indicator.

Aspiration system

Nivel aspiration system uses a pull-out technical drawer under top in AISI 304, illuminated by LEDs, internally and externally, it contains a grease filter, a condensation filter, as well as effective activeted carbon filters, in the air recirculation version. It uses a high-performance fan in terms of air flow and noise, with low consumption thanks to brushless technology.

Technical data

General data
Dimensions (width x depth x height) 930 x 520 x (152/170 - 182/200) mm
Cooking technology Induction
Number of cooking zones 5
Cooking surface material KeraSpectrum glassceramic
Aspiration unit Floor brushless blower
Aspiration data
Single-phase supply voltage 220 – 240 V
Frequency 50/60 Hz
Maximum power consumption 169 W
Aspiration power levels 1 – 3, P
Aspiration mode External (A) – Internal (B) - Recirculation (C)
Air ductiong system 222 x 90 mm
Induction cooking data
Multiphase supply voltage 380 – 415 V 3N
Single-phase supply voltage 220 – 240 V 1N
Frequency 50/60 Hz
Three phase power supply/fuse protection 3 x 16 A
Single phase power supply/fuse protection 1 x 48 A
Maximum power consumption 10,4 kW
Cooktop power levels 1 – 9, P – slider control
Side cooking zones size 211 x 191mm
Central cooking zone size 200 mm
Front cooking zones power output 1,6 kW (1,85 kW Booster)
Rear cooking zones power output 2,1 kW (3 kW Booster)
Bridge zone power output 2,3 kW (3 kW Booster)
Central zone power output 3,7 kW

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